I think Kate and her unnamed reference have pretty well summed up teaching in any situation, but especially this year. (Sidebar: My friend and former colleague Kate is a great follow if you are interested in math and mastery grading.) Yesterday we learned that we will be starting the year with online classes, but allowing students on campus for other controlled situations. This is a hybrid version of being fully online, like last spring, and the de-densified, two cohort plan that was originally going to be used.

This of course means that the plans that I’d laid out in late June will probably need tinkering at best, and serious overhaul at worst. I’m not complaining, though. Really. I’m very grateful to be at a school where the leadership is paying attention to the ongoing conditions and making changes to “the plan” as needed, rather than just steaming ahead. This is a tough time to be in educational leadership. There’s a number of factors tugging you in different directions. Many schools – public, private, universities, the Secretary of Education – have engaged in the summer of magical thinking. Mine hasn’t. So I’m happy to spend time today reengaging with the puzzle that is a syllabus. Here’s to another semester of, quoting Dr. Gannon, “trying to nail Jell-O to the wall.”

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